On this page, you find interactive javascript applications (presently just one) that are hopefully useful for understanding some aspects of physics. You need a reasonably recent browser and javascript must be enabled.

Simple man's model with interference

Snapshot of the simpolator in action
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This application, called the Simpolator, uses classical trajectories as the simplest possible way to explain photoelectron momentum distribution from laser-ionized atoms. The model is applicable in the regime of laser fields with high intensity and low frequency, more precisely in the tunneling regime where the Keldysh parameter is small. The code allows you to select time intervals over which laser-induced ionization is active. It will then display the momentum distribution in a plane that can be viewed as a 2D cut through the cylindrically symmetric 3D momentum distribution of electrons emitted from atoms. Smartphones should be held in landscape orientation and scrolled to the bottom of the page. On Android phones, fullscreen mode is available and useful.